Best Of Female Vocal Trance 2015

Best Of Female Vocal Trance 2015

Artist: Various
Label: Siradrianmusic
Catalog: HTWB 007
Released: 17.07.2015
Type: Compilation
Style: Electronic, Trance


01. Photographer & Susana – Find A Way (Radio Edit)
02. Sarah Russell – Into The Flame (Radio Edit)
03. Philippe El Sisi – Magic Light (Radio Edit)
04. Markus Schulz – Destiny (Radio Edit)
05. Denis Kenzo – Can You Hear Me (Radio Edit)
06. Aelyn – New Day (Radio Edit)
07. Sarah Shields – Hero (Formal One Radio Edit)
08. Denis Kenzo – Ashes (Radio Edit)
09. Denis Kenzo – Listen (Radio Edit)
10. Eranga – Don’t Push Me Back (Ltn Radio Edit)
11. Temple One – Together We Escape (Radio Edit)
12. Sarah Russell – Tell Me Anything (Radio Edit)
13. Sarah Russell – Closer (Radio Edit)
14. Alexander Turok – Be The Light (Philippe El Sisi Radio Edit)
15. Sarah Lynn – Gold In The Sky (Signum Radio Edit)
16. Alex Daf – Step Outside (Club Radio Edit)
17. Allen & Envy – I Wasn’t The One (Cold Rush Radio Edit)
18. Alex Leavon – Alive (Radio Edit)
19. 2loop – Overload (Radio Edit)
20. Dark Fusion – I Just Close My Eyes (Sunset Radio Edit)

5 replies
  1. jj
    jj says:

    mamadreza ba in post terekondi,bi nazire, harf nadari pesar,mikhamet bad,omid dayi yekam medan bede be in dadashemon,in pesar harf nadare,mamnon Az jofteton

  2. Amir
    Amir says:

    Dadash damet garm khaste nabashi
    donbale keifiat itunes in budam 2014 ro peyda kardam…ino mishe peyda kard aya?


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