Deadmau5 - We Are Friends Vol 5

Deadmau5 – We Are Friends Vol 5

Artist: Deadmau5
Label: Mau5Trap
Released: 12.08.2016
Type: Compilation
Style: House, Progressive, Techno

لينک دانلود مستقيم براي اعضاء سايت. همين الان عضو شويد

01.Deadmau5 – Saved (Original Mix) 9:48
02.ATTLAS – Crawl (Original Mix) 5:41
03.BlackGummy – NeverDeader (Original Mix) 4:13
04.Dom Kane – Running Out (Original Mix) 5:47
05.Draft – Arara (Original Mix) 5:33
06.Eekkoo – Hell Is Other People (Matt Lange Remix) 8:46
07.Enzo Bennet – Naga (Original Mix) 7:33
08.Monstergetdown – Brainworms (Original Mix) 5:47
09.No Mana – Someone To Write About (Original Mix) 3:36
10.NEUS – I Need You (Original Mix) 6:33
11.Oliver Winters – Walking Heavy (Original Mix) 8:13
12.REZZ – Voice In The Wall (Original Mix) 3:38
13.Deadmau5 presents We Are Friends, vol. 5 (Continuous Mix) 59:44

دانلود آلبوم
Deadmau5 – We Are Friends Vol 5

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