Juicy M & Jimmy Clash & Miss Palmer – Rowcraft

Artist: Juicy M, Jimmy Clash, Miss Palmer
Label: Armada Music
Catalog: ARMAS1126A
Released: 19.02.2016
Type: Single
Style: Electronic, House

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01. Juicy M & Jimmy Clash feat. Miss Palmer – Rowcraft (Edit) 03:23
02. Juicy M & Jimmy Clash feat. Miss Palmer – Rowcraft (Extended Mix) 04:43

لينک دانلود اعضاي ويژه

Coursing through the turbulent waters that comprise today’s Electronic Music landscape, Juicy M and Jimmy Clash display their unrivaled ‘Rowcraft’ through this surge of magnificence. Guided by Miss Palmer’s lush vocal tones at the helm, the melodiously unprecedented creation is sure to cause quite a stir. Prepare yourself for the rippling effect that follows as ‘Rowcraft’ hits the surface at the world’s finest clubs.

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  1. black white
    black white says:

    امید جان البوم
    Linkin Park – Recharged (Remixed)
    البوم خیلی خوبیه.خودم دارمش
    درج کن بچه ها استفاده کنن


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