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DJ Antoine - Provocateur (2016)
DJ Antoine - Provocateur (2016)

DJ Antoine – Provocateur (2016)

Artist: DJ Antoine
Label: Phonag Records
Released: 24.03.2016
Bitrate: 320 kbps
Style: Electronic, House

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01. Weekend Love (feat. Jay Sean) [DJ Antoine vs Mad Mark 2k16 Album Version] (3:56)
02. DJ Antoine & diMaro – Best Trick (feat. Maury) [Dimaro Radio Edit] (2:55)
03. DJ Antoine & Mad Mark – Too Late for Love (DJ Antoine vs. Mad Mark) [feat. Jordin Sparks] (3:51)
04. Dancing in the Headlights (feat. Conor Maynard) [Radio Edit] (3:17)
05. Thank You (3:45)
06. DJ Antoine & Timati – London (feat. Григорий Лепс) [DJ Antoine vs Mad Mark 2k16 Radio Edit] (3:31)
07. Holiday (feat. Akon) [DJ Antoine vs Mad Mark 2k15 Radio Edit] (3:31)
08. The One (feat. Karl Wolf) [Radio Edit] (3:14)
09. Pink Rose (feat. Jaicko Lawrence) [Radio Edit] (3:21)
10. Keep on Falling (feat. Jay Sean) [Radio Edit] (3:15)
11. Snake Charmer (DJ Antoine vs Mad Mark 2k16 Radio Edit) (2:50)
12. DJ Antoine & Mad Mark – Torches (DJ Antoine vs. Mad Mark) [feat. Denny White] (3:54)
13. Elevator (feat. Antonio Gerardi) [DJ Antoine vs Mad Mark 2k16 Radio Edit] (3:41)
14. What Do I Do (feat. Jaicko Lawrence) [Radio Edit] (3:05)
15. DJ Antoine & Mad Mark – Chasing Silhouettes (DJ Antoine vs. Mad Mark) [Radio Edit] (3:19)
16. DJ Antoine & Mad Mark – Explode (DJ Antoine vs. Mad Mark) [feat. Jaicko Lawrence] [Radio Edit] (3:17)
17. DJ Antoine & diMaro – The One Before (Radio Edit) (3:16)


  1. ba salam khedmate admine mohtaram
    chera terack akhare in album ro to in post gharar nadadin

  2. منظورتون از ترک آخر چیه
    ترک میکس شده رو اگه میگید، به درخواست کاربران، تمامی آلبومها به صورت آن میکس منتشر میشوند
    که حجم کمتر و راحت دانلود شود

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