Tuesday , July 25 2017
Milad Masoumi - FRIDAY SUNSET
Milad Masoumi - FRIDAY SUNSET

Milad Masoumi – FRIDAY SUNSET

Genre: Trance
Delivering us all a timely slice of progressive goodness tinged with lovely atmospherics & warming bass is a familiar name to the label, Milad Masoumi. ‘Friday Sunset’ So glad to have Martin Graff on board as a remixer, 2 track, must have amazng! First is “Original Mix”, which melts into one optimistic bright theme with laid back crunchy grooves and fantastic Lead on melody. On the b-side is “Martin’s remix” that comes to warm us with its beautiful spring sounds. A true masterpiece. Both versions are geared to smash dance-floors world-wide . Don’t miss it!

Artist: Milad Masoumi
Label: Celestial Music
Released: 2015.01.12
Type: Single
Style: Electronic, Trance
Bitrate : 320 kbps





  1. داداش اینم فایلش خرابه بازنمیکنه ردیفش کن دمتون گرم یااین سایت خفنتون

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