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Scooter – Scooter Forever

Artist: Scooter
Label: Sheffield Tunes
Released: 01.09.2017
Type: Album
Style: Electronic, Electro, Hardstyle, dance

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CD1 – Scooter Forever (The Album)
1. Foreplay
2. In Rave We Trust
4. ID
5. Wall Of China (See The Light)
6. Shooting Stars (Move It To The Left)
7. When I’m Raving
8. Scooter Forever
9. As The Years Go By
10. Wild And Wicked
11. The Roof
12. Kiss Goodnight
13. Kill The Cat (Scooter & Dave202)
14. The Darkside
15. Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life

CD2 – Selected Rave Classics Reworked by Scooter
1. Universal Nation
2. Symmetry C
3. Unfuture
4. The First Rebirth
5. Sacred Cycles
6. Burning Phibes
7. Lost In Love
8. The House Of House
9. Lost In Space
10. Tales Of Mystery

Scooter Top Musics

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Scooter – AC (2016)

Scooter – The Fifth Chapter (Deluxe Edition)

Scooter – The Fifth Chapter (Deluxe Edition)

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